oh baby!

It isn’t often that you stay friends with the people you were friends with in elementary & middle school. I have a few that have stuck with me during the good, bad, & ugly – believe me, those middle school bad hair days I would definitely count as the ugly! But in all seriousness, sometimes those who have walked with you during the best and worst parts of your life are the sweetest friends to have around.

Kathleen and I have been friends ever since 7th grade when we had to make a jingle for our choir class. Ah, memories…everybody goes through stages, right?

(but seriously, what was going on with that hair?!)

Thankfully, we’ve grown up a little and sort of figured out how to manage hair and pick better clothes. (Wedding/bridesmaids dresses, fancy hair, & makeup at least make us think we have!)

Last weekend I had the privilege of helping Kathleen’s mom throw a baby shower for her first baby! I knew I wanted to incorporate books into the centerpieces, and what better way than through Dr. Seuss? I utilized my resources & borrowed every single one of my kindergarten teacher friend’s Dr. Seuss books (thanks, Brittany!), wooden baby blocks from my thrifty mama, and science jars that I picked up from Teachers’ Treasures, aka a teacher’s best friend.


Can’t wait to hold this little nugget!

If you’ve thrown a shower before, what are some details that you’ve included?


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