a crafting kinda week

In the midst of preparing my third graders for ISTEP, I found time this week to craft. Praise the Lord! Creating is definitely a way that I’ve found I can best relax, unwind, and not think about things. (Namely, standardized tests!)

One of my favorite items to craft with are Scrabble pieces. I’m always on the lookout for discarded Scrabble games at garage sales and thrift stores, but I think other crafters have caught on to the idea too, because they’re becoming harder to find. I also love using vintage-inspired frames and wood blocks as a backdrop to whatever I’m inspired by that day. Here are a few of my favorites that I’ve created recently using Scrabble pieces!


wandering-heart(Are you noticing a theme? I really like plants…)

I also got to spend some quality time with two of my gal pals from church this week! We’ve had “sewing nights” a couple times already, and each time I think I get a little better! My friend Bitsy has been sewing since she was a kid and is basically a pro (although she would never admit to that!), while Elisha and I are still learning the basics and are kind of afraid to try new projects without Bitsy’s step-by-step directions – ha! We’re getting there. This week Bitsy taught us how to sew a zipper pouch for all of our sewing tools using super cute fabric scraps she had left over from projects.

Elisha and I both chose black and white fabric for our projects. Here is my finished product!sewing4I’m still learning, but I’m pretty proud of it!

The break from school and ISTEP prep was just what I needed. Find some time this week to do something out of the ordinary for yourself too!


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